Saturday, July 01, 2017

June Meeting minute

June 2017 Montreal MQG Meeting Minutes
Tuesday June 13, 2017 at 7pm at CRCS St-Zotique

Points of business:
·         Welcome to all members
·         Reminder about raffle tickets
·         Plans for next year
·         Executive for 2017/2018
§  President – Stephanie Baldwin
§  Vice President – Izzy Jean
§  Treasurer – Claudia Pedroso
§  Programming Coordinator – Stacy Pomerleau
§  assisted by Joanna Lemon
§  Social Media and Secretary – Fiona Nanson

·         Discussion on location for 2017/2018:
§  Issues
§  CRCS - will continue to get the smaller rooms, hot in fall and spring, free, room varies and maybe upstairs.
§  Verdun Mission - larger space, will include coffee cart, basement so cooler, has a cost of $250 per year, will necessitate an increase in fees from $35 to $40
§  Three options presented
§  Stay as is
§  Move to Verdun and increase fees
§  Have a combo, Verdun for meetings and St. Zotique for sew-ins.  -concern about confusion over where to go when.
§  Discussion about the fee increase.
§  Cover new costs
§  Create a reserve for future workshops, cover the exchange rate when paying for MQG fees or other expenses in the future. 
§  Vote taken on location
§  Majority decision move to Verdun for all events for the 2017/1028 year
§  Majority decision to increase fees to $40.
§  Stephanie will make arrangements and send a membership email out with the details.

·         Skillbuilder/charity challenge:
§  Each month we will be presented with the instructions for a traditional block and examples of how it could be modernized. 
§  Participants may choose to compete blocks for them selves or for the charity quilts. 
§  The charity quilts will go Palliacco, the hospice up in the Laurentians - participants can contribute blocks or completed quilts.
§  Palette for charity blocks: guild’s colors (Craftdeville (Stacy) has the Kona solids in stock), details will be posted on blog for solids or prints options.  Colours are:
·         School Bus (1482)
·         Bubble Gum (261)
·         Sprout (254)
·         Teal (1373)
·         Jade Green (1183)
·         White (1387)
·         Blue (1028)
§  Over the summer: recommend people go through past MQG webinars on “what is modern quilting”, brush up on alternative gridwork, asymmetry, negative space, scale, etc.

·         Quits for QC project:
§  Total number of quilts is about 50. WOW!
§  Thank you to everyone who helped out!
§  Next steps: Fiona will contact the Mosque to arrange delivery of the quilts in July. Will email information as soon as it is available. 
§  We will be driving to Ste-Foy to deliver the quilts in person, if anyone is interested in going with email the guild at
§  We have a database for all the names and addresses of those who donated.  We will look at sending some thank you notes either by email of by post.  Although, not everyone by mail as the cost is prohibitive.
§  A round-up blog post will also be done with photos of all the quilts.

·         Annual report from treasurer
o    Accounts have a balance going forward for Next year. 
o    Detailed accounting can be requested via email

·         Show and Tell

·         Raffle Six prize packages given out

·         Potluck – wow what great food.

·         Next meeting: September! Everyone have a great summer!

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