Thursday, February 23, 2023

Quilted Fridge Magnet Swap! / Échange d'aimant de réfrigérateur matelassé !

Over the next two meetings (March 8th and April 12th), we’ll be hosting a Quilted Fridge Magnet round-robin swap! This little swap will be a fun way to explore miniature quilt blocks and hone our skills working with teeny tiny pieces of fabric.

Here’s how the swap will work:

  1. Sign up for the swap at the March 8th meeting OR online by Friday, March 10th. You can choose to swap with only one other participant or up to four participants.

  2. On Saturday, March 11th, you will be assigned someone to create a fridge magnet for.

  3. You will receive three magnets to put on the back of your mini-blocks.

    • If you attend the March meeting, you will receive your magnets when you sign up

    • If you signed up online, you will receive your magnets in the mail, by Friday, March 17th.

  4. Go forth and create! Your task is to create minuscule quilts no larger than 2” x 2”. You are free to use any fabrics and methods you like. This is a great opportunity for foundation paper piecing and improv piecing. See below for links to tutorials, patterns, and sources of inspiration.

  5. You will complete at least two quilted fridge magnets by our April meeting (Wednesday, April 12th) and present them to your assigned participant.

    • If you are attending the April meeting, please bring your quilted fridge magnets!

    • If you or your assigned participant can’t attend the April meeting, you will need to mail the fridge magnets immediately after the April meeting. You will be provided with their mailing address if needed.

Important Information

By choosing to participate, you agree to create at least two quilted fridge magnets to present to another participant. You will be given three magnets so you can keep one for yourself. You are also welcome to swap the third magnet if you wish.

Excited to participate? Click here to sign up for the swap!

Not sure how to make a quilted fridge magnet? Don’t worry; it’s easy!

  • Louise Wackerman over at I’m Feeling Crafty has put together a great tutorial with lots of images.

  • Caroline at Sew Can She explains how to make raw-edge quilted fridge magnets.

  • If you want to try FPP, Teresa Mairal Barre at Teresa Down Under has a video tutorial for you.

Looking for inspiration?

Ready to make a minuscule quilt? 

Click here to sign up for the swap!

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