Saturday, January 12, 2019

January 2019 meeting minutes

January 2018 Mtl MQG Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, January 8 at 7pm, SouthWest Mission Verdun

Quick points of business:
  • Get your raffle tickets from Izzy at the break
  • Call for exec team volunteers
    • Need a volunteer for the President and VP positions
    • A set of job descriptions will be sent 
  • Feb 12 meeting will be 0% planned, so please bring something to work on and/or a topic to discuss!

News from the MQG Ambassador (Izzy)
  • QuiltCon Feb. 21–24, 2019 
  • Webinar how to design quilts using different tools - on the 17th of January at 14:30. Will be available the day after recording.
  • Charity quilt will be ready for QuiltCon, Cinzia will show tonight.

Applique demo by Claudia
  • Draw picture on fabric
  • Bast on the inside of the drawing
  • Cut out around the outside of the drawing about a ¼ inch
  • The line becomes the border of the applique
  • Put the thread up through the applique between the layers (through the top layer)
  • Take needle push raw edge underneath and hold with thumb and follow the line and sew it to the bottom layer, making a invisible stitch. 
  • When you reach a curve clip a little v, so you can maneuver the fabric. How big you make the v depends on the curve
  • Tiny stitches if small curves, if big run, can go to a ¼ inch
  • At points, use the needle to push under one side and then the other to create point
  • Reverse appliqué - is the opposite…..

Craft De Ville
  • Large quilt frame in shop now
  • Put a domestic machine into it
  • Can be used for quilting or basting

Discussion on soluble thread

For next meeting we will be doing a show and tell of your favorite notion or sewing tool

Announce upcycle challenge (Cinzia)
  • Work on at Feb 12 meeting
  • Due at March 12 meeting
  • Make something *for yourself* that uses upcycled/recycled/salvaged materials (fabrics, fastenings, etc) - details posted to the blog
  • Item can be decorative (wall hanging, quilt) or functional (bag, mug rug, storage bin, etc) - it just needs to be sewn/quilted

Show and Tell
  • Jessie - floppy discs 
  • Beth - appliqué whale 
  • Tamara - large hexi and English Paper Piecing made from old clothes 
  • Anne - hexi tree skirt
  • Snezana - ribbons with a dragons on the back
  • Suzanne - book is here - email for a book in February - $30 (regular at $38 cdn regular).
  • Elana - fruit applique quilt
  • Garden quilt very bright shows the bird.
  • Patti - Jewel egg, Hexi table runner, Diamond quilt was niece request 
  • Michele - Michele is looking for ikea sheet does anyone have see photo, Scrappy cushions, Kay facets mystery quilt, Squares from mystery quilt

Volunteers for next meeting: Izzy and Nicole

Next sew-in - Jan 26

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

January Challenge: “Show Yourself Some Love” Upcycle Challenge

For our first challenge of the new year, we are encouraging you to sew something up from a formerly used and loved article of clothing or cloth.  It can be something more ambitious like a quilt made from some vintage tablecloths or something small like taking your favorite t-shirt and incorporating it into a new pillow for your bed. Or how about making a scarf out of an old flannel shirt! Get creative and have fun with it!

The project will be due in time for the March 12th meeting. As this will likely be a sentimental item, it will not be a swap project, but something you make for yourself. You are invited to bring your project to the February meeting to work on.

Remember that your project must reflect a modern aesthetic. Small projects are a great way to explore a new technique or new way of making something, so stretch your creative boundaries!

See below for some inspiring ideas!

Improv Mini Quilt made by MTLMQG Member Suzanne Paquette (@the_milliner)  using her son’s baby clothes.

Boro Bag made by MTLMQG member Cinzia Allocca (@cinzia_allocca) incorporating old jeans, a jean jacket and a zipper from an old leather purse.

Pillow made from denim labels! Source:

A great way to preserve heirloom doilies!! Source:

Pillow made form Silk Ties. Source:

Sunday, January 06, 2019

Meeting reminder

Just a quick reminder that our first meeting of 2019 is coming up on Tuesday January 8th at 7pm! We will be meeting in our usual spot, the SouthWest Mission space at the corner of Verdun and Melrose in Verdun.

Bundle up, grab something warm to drink and join us for the evening. We will be announcing a fun new challenge at the meeting, so don't miss it! See you there!

(For those who can't make it, we will of course be posting the details to the blog after the meeting)

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Applique demo by Claudia

Happy new year! Our first meeting of 2019 is coming up on the 8th and Claudia will be treating us to a hand applique demo. If you would like to participate at the meeting, please complete the following in advance:
  • Trace the applique image (downloadable PDF here) onto the right side of a piece of fabric. A window or other flat glass surface with a light source behind it is very helpful for tracing. 
  • Baste the drawn fabric onto a second piece of background fabric, keeping both pieces right side up. (Not sure how to baste fabric? Check out this tutorial.) 

Along with your traced and basted fabric from the above steps, you will also need to bring:

  • Thread the same color as the fabric you drew the picture on
  • A needle (Size 12 hand appliqué needles or size 10 Milliners needles are good. You want a thin needle that glides through the edge of a fold smoothly)
  • A thimble
  • Small pair of sharp scissors

That's it! If you have any questions, let us know... otherwise see you on the 8th!

Friday, December 21, 2018

Happy holidays!

No matter what/how/if you are celebrating as 2018 draws to a close, we want to thank you for quilting with us this past year and to wish you all a very happy and healthy 2019!

May the coming year be full of exciting new projects and lots of quilt-y friends to share them with! We look forward to seeing you in January... happy holidays!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Handmade gift ideas

We had our mid-year raffle at our meeting last night which included some small handmade items. I had so many questions about where I found the patterns/tutorials for them, I thought I would put together a little round-up of some quick and easy handmade gifts. As most of us have a little extra fabric hanging around, you will need very little (if any) extra supplies to make the following items:

Your phone deserves a nice place to rest
Phone pillow - For those of you who like to watch tutorials (or Netflix) or listen to podcasts on your phone or tablet while you sew, this little pillow is great for keeping your screen in a visible position. Put it near an outlet and it also makes a great spot to charge your device, as well.
(The above link is a video tutorial, if you prefer a written tutorial, try this one instead)

Cozy tutorial by Melissa Loves Color
Mason jar cozy - 'Tis the season for warm drinks and an easy gift for the office gift exchange or your child's teacher is a mason jar and a Cuppow with a custom cozy (maybe throw in a Starbucks or David's Tea gift card as a little extra)! These work equally well in summer for your iced drinks.
(If you have a tapered cup/mug, you can use this tutorial to accommodate that curve.)

Punny gift tag optional
Microwave bowl cozy - Much like the jar/mug cozy, now is a great time to make a microwave bowl cozy that can go in the microwave with your bowl of soup or stew and keep you from burning your fingers or dropping your bowl when it comes out hot.
Bonus: these bowls can also be used on their own to wrangle keys, sewing notions, TV remotes and just about anything else you can think of.

A great gift for that 'pain in the neck'
Neck pillow - I swear by these pillows and have made many as gifts. I also keep one on the couch at all times for myself; they are perfect for resting tired neck muscles after too many hours hunched over a sewing machine, and also for lower back support to encourage good posture while sitting on the couch doing handwork!

Tutorial by Montreal's Closet Case Patterns
Beeswax food wraps - These eco-friendly food wraps are handy for keeping food fresh. They are washable and reusable, as well as extremely easy to make. Considering that a set of 3 sheets will run you around $20 in the store, this is a great way to turn a bit of cotton fabric (extra brownie points for organic cotton) and some beeswax (available online as well as at Bulk Barn and Marche Tau) into an impressive and useful gift. Plus they smell great!

From our autumn 2017 swap 
1-hour basket - The tried and true 1-hour basket is popular for a good reason... they are infinitely useful in just about every room of the house. They make a great gift just as-is, but they also make a great gift basket when filled with goodies.

Burly man to do the toting not included
Firewood tote - This tote is extremely simple to sew (sturdy canvas or denim is recommended) and makes a really useful gift for anyone who is stuck with the job of carting wood in from outside during the winter months.

Heating pad or hand warmers - And after schlepping all that firewood inside, what better way to soothe tired muscles and/or warm those cold hands than with some scrappy hand warmers or a heating pad? A great stash buster, you simply fill them with rice for weight, moldability and heat retention and you can add things like essential oils, dried lavender flowers, herbs, or ground spices for a little aromatherapy to boot.

Channel your inner sewing goddess!
Wild Woman - These awesome little figures are by Incipient Madness and the pattern includes 6 different 'poses'. The fabric and bead combinations are almost endless, and if you're really in a hurry, there is even a Stuff and Go kit that cuts down on the making time even more!

If your significant other needs help filling your stocking or you're just looking for a little treat for yourself after all that gift sewing, don't forget Shannon Fraser's Holiday Gift Guide for quilters.

Beautiful and reusable
And finally, don't forget the eco-friendly and reusable fabric gift wrap!

This is by no means an exhaustive list, rather just some items I have had good experiences with gifting in the past. If you have a favorite item/pattern/tutorial, feel free to share it in the comments below!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Meeting reminder

Just a quick reminder... our December meeting is tomorrow night! We will be meeting at 7pm at the SouthWest Mission space, as per usual.

Ornament tutorial by Amy Smart

Have you made your ornament for the swap? If not, there is still plenty of time to whip one up... check out our Pinterest board for some inspiration and tutorials.

We will also be having the mid-year raffle (yes, you must be present to win) and a holiday potluck - please bring your favorite seasonal treat to share! We will get the business stuff out of the way quickly and spend the rest of the meeting on Show & Tell and socializing.

Take a break from all the things you need to do and join us for a relaxed evening of quilt-y goodness! See you tomorrow evening...

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Deux-Montagnes exhibition UPDATE!

So, here's some news. The Deux-Montagnes guild had their own meeting last night, and they voted to reduce our contribution. They are now requesting 15 quilts, so I have adjusted the signup sheet. You can get to it here:

Also, the size limit for the quilts is 96" x 96".

Hope this helps!

Joanna L.

December Ornament Exchange


Spread a little holiday cheer that won't have you driving under the influence (at least not the ingested kind, just that of receiving something made by someone else) through our ornament exchange at the December meeting.

If you would like to participate, please make a holiday or seasonable ornament of a size reasonable to tang on the branch of a tree, in a window, or on a door. It must be made, at least in part, of fabric. It must also be wrapped in a brown paper bag, or some other form of opaque covering. A reusable fabric bag would not be amiss.    ;-)

If you are in need of some inspiration, have a look at our Pinterest page of tutorials:

Or some of these (sorry there may be duplicates):

Keep your spirits up in this season of dwindling light by making some fabulous ornaments! And don't forget the December Pot Luck!

Joanna L.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Metro Quilt Challenge redux

For the new members (or those who would like a refresher) here are the links on our Metro Quilt Challenge from 2016-17:

*NB: Admittedly, a number of these are out of date, but there are some cool images anyway...
  1. Challenge issued! This includes the original signup sheet, so you can see what stations people chose from the beginning. 
  2. Tours postponed
  3. Making a viewfinder
  4. Walking tour
  5. Tour reminder
  6. Final post, with photos of completed quilts

This is a possible topic if you would like to submit a quilt you have yet to finish for the Deux-Montagnes and/or Quilt Canada exhibitions. I hope this (re)inspires people! And the tour was a lot of fun!

Joanna L.