Tuesday, October 11, 2016

New Charm Square Swap

As promised in our geometric charm swap last year, here's the swap from those prints that we banned:

- The Polka-Dot,
- The Stripe, and
- The Plaid!

The details are as follows; each person who signs up will find 2 prints of some variation of dot, plaid or stripe (if you want to go crazy, you might even mix them together). Which ever prints you choose, once we have the final number of participants, you will cut one 5"x 5" square for each participant, from each of you fabrics.

For example, if there are 10 participants, you will cut 10 squares of your first print, and another 10 squares of your second (for a total of 20 squares), bring them all to the following meeting, and you will receive a lovely pile of different squares (including on of each of your own prints). So, you give 20 squares, you get 20 squares!

See it as a chance to make peace with your nemesis, the polka-dot, or to convert others to your dedication to the plaid! Play with it, and most importantly, have fun! We'll be looking forward to seeing the results.

The deadline to sign up is the day before the next meeting, November 7th, so we can announce the total number of participants, and the charms squares will be due at the December meeting, on the 13th.

The sign-up sheet can be found here.

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