Sunday, September 25, 2016

2016-17 MTL MQG Metro challenge

2016 is the 50th anniversary of the Montreal Metro system! We use the metro for our commutes, to get to special events, or just passing through to get from A to B… but not many of us give much thought to the stations themselves.

For this challenge, choose one metro station that holds some meaning for you: one that you go through every day on your commute, one that you lived near it when you were little, one that you take to visit a friend, one that has a piece of art or a particular aesthetic that you particularly enjoy, etc. Pick an aspect of that metro station and create a quilt based on it.

While there is a lot of art in the stations themselves that can certainly be a part of the quilt (shapes, colors, etc), the goal of this challenge is not to recreate an existing piece of art in quilt form. Instead, try to focus on the 3 dimensional space of the station itself (such as the shapes and materials used), as well as the character of the neighborhood it inhabits and the feelings the station evokes for you. Spend a bit of time in and around the station observing the space and the people making use of it. Take pictures (without being creepy), pay attention to the shapes, colors and patterns that make up these utilitarian spaces. Look for unusual points of view.

The usual challenge rules apply… 30”x40” in either horizontal or vertical orientation, or 40” square. Include a hanging sleeve and a quilt label on your work. The label should include a title, your name, the date and the name of the metro station you chose, either in the title or in addition to the title.

A sign-up sheet is posted so everyone can choose their station. No more than two people per station, please:

We will also be conducting a walking tour of a few of the metro stations (time, date, etc to be determined, though likely in November) to give you some background on some of the stations and their artworks, as well as offer some ideas and suggestions for translating a 3 dimensional space into a quilt.

I will be posting a tutorial on making your own viewfinder, in case you want to take your own tour, in the mean time.

Also, here are a few links with useful info on the stations and the artworks in them:

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  1. I cannot make the metro tour, but I have started working on my quilt top and before it gets too far I had some a question for clarification…..
    Does it have to be the architecture or can it be some other aspect of the station? I want to do the something that reflects the station and the community around it, not only the look but the feeling. Does that still meet the challenge requirements?

    1. I would say so long as it is recognizable as the station in question, that should be fine. It doesn't have to be the architecture specifically, but some visual aspect of the station should be included.