Thursday, March 10, 2016

Geometric Charm Swap

Inspired by our Molinari challenge, as well as the Riley Blake Sashing, the idea is to find a variety of unique twists on what a geometric print is. So there will be some prints which are out of bounds. 

Please, no polka-dots. While they are a geometric form in a geometric placement, it would be too easy to end up with a whole stack of polka-dots. Other circles are perfectly acceptable. Let's also avoid stripes, checks, and plaids, as well as the Riley Blake Sashing.

The goal is to find prints that others aren't likely to have already (though that may be difficult in some cases). Let's push the limits of the traditional geometric print! Have fun with the search, and discovery!

Each person who participates will be responsible for 5"x5" square of each of 2 different geometric prints, for all participants. For example, if 16 members participate, each will need to supply 16 (for the number of people) x 2 (1 of each print) = 32 charms.

The sign-up sheet is posted here. Since we're hoping for everyone to do some exploring, the exchange won't be until the May meeting, and the deadline for signing up will be the April meeting.

Here are some places to find inspiration, in case you're having trouble:
Fabric Spark has a whole section of Mid-century Modern prints with some great geometrics:
My Fabric Spot has a Geometrics section:
Mad About Patchwork has a bunch of neat options, like the Abacus line by Alison Glass:


  1. i am super excited about this charm swap! There are SOOOOOO many choices... i`ve narrowed it down to about a DOZEN! what to do? what to do?

  2. I saw a lot of potential in the prints people had in their Weight of Love hexes!