Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Deux-Montagnes exhibition UPDATE!

So, here's some news. The Deux-Montagnes guild had their own meeting last night, and they voted to reduce our contribution. They are now requesting 15 quilts, so I have adjusted the signup sheet. You can get to it here:

Also, the size limit for the quilts is 96" x 96".

Hope this helps!

Joanna L.

December Ornament Exchange


Spread a little holiday cheer that won't have you driving under the influence (at least not the ingested kind, just that of receiving something made by someone else) through our ornament exchange at the December meeting.

If you would like to participate, please make a holiday or seasonable ornament of a size reasonable to tang on the branch of a tree, in a window, or on a door. It must be made, at least in part, of fabric. It must also be wrapped in a brown paper bag, or some other form of opaque covering. A reusable fabric bag would not be amiss.    ;-)

If you are in need of some inspiration, have a look at our Pinterest page of tutorials:

Or some of these (sorry there may be duplicates):

Keep your spirits up in this season of dwindling light by making some fabulous ornaments! And don't forget the December Pot Luck!

Joanna L.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Metro Quilt Challenge redux

For the new members (or those who would like a refresher) here are the links on our Metro Quilt Challenge from 2016-17:

*NB: Admittedly, a number of these are out of date, but there are some cool images anyway...
  1. Challenge issued! This includes the original signup sheet, so you can see what stations people chose from the beginning. 
  2. Tours postponed
  3. Making a viewfinder
  4. Walking tour
  5. Tour reminder
  6. Final post, with photos of completed quilts

This is a possible topic if you would like to submit a quilt you have yet to finish for the Deux-Montagnes and/or Quilt Canada exhibitions. I hope this (re)inspires people! And the tour was a lot of fun!

Joanna L.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Call for Modern quilts

The Guilde de courtepointe des Deux-Montagnes is having an exhibition in May 2019. They have rented a large space, and have offered for us to show 20 - 25 quilts.

They want to distinguish our works from their own, so to be eligible, these quilts must be clearly Modern. If I understand correctly, they will be borrowing the quilt racks from the Beaconsfield Quilt Guild, so if your quilt is oversized and wouldn't fit on a standard rack, there won't be a possibility to include it here. I have asked whether or not the quilts can already have been show, and am still waiting a response, so to be safe, we have to assume that the answer will be that the quilts must be un-shown.

We need to supply a minimum of 20 quilts, maximum 25, and we need it to be a firm commitment, so if you aren't sure, please don't sign up. If we agree to accept their offer, we can't turn around and let them down. To give everyone a chance, I've included a wait list on the signup sheet for anyone who wants to submit a second or third quilt. The link for the list is here.

The hiccup is the deadline. Deux-Montagnes needs to know our commitment ASAP, so the deadline to sign up is November 20.

This is a great opportunity to bring Modern quilting to a broader audience, as well as to build connections with our local quilting community. I can't wait to see your quits on display!

Joanna L.