Thursday, April 05, 2018

EPP Hexie Lottery

Last meeting we swapped warm and cool charm sqaures!  The rainbow that we got was rather lovely.

At the May meeting (so there is still some time) we will be have a EPP hexie lottery. To participate, 4 x 1" English Paper Pieced hexies will get you 1 entry. Make more hexies and get more entries! If we get a very large quantity of hexies, we may create more than 1 lot.

You do not need to use the charms from the last swap. However charm squares can be cut into mini charms (2.5" squares) and they are the perfect size to make 1" hexagons with! You can use scraps, strips from jelly rolls or whatever fabric you would like! There is no colour or print restrictions for the lottery. However, please only submit hexies made of quilting cotton.

Another thing to ask is that the basting stitches only go through the fabric and not through the paper (makes it easier to pull out the paper without having to cut the basting threads)

The important thing to note, is that the edges of the hexagon is 1". There are a bunch of different templates out there. Everyone will agree that is the hexagons are set up in rows versus nested it makes cutting the paper templates much MUCH easier. I found a free template on Geta's Quilting Studios. The PDF have 6 different sizes, so please mach sure you are using the 1" (and that you are printing at 100%, not scaled to fit!)

Enjoy making your hexies! They are a great little project to do in a waiting room or while watching TV! The lottery will be held at the May 8th meeting.

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