Wednesday, November 15, 2017

November meeting minutes

November 2017 Mtl MQG Meeting Minutes
November 14, 2017 at 7pm SouthWest Mission, Verdun, QC

Quick points of business:
  • Welcome - any new members or visitors welcomes and introduction 
  • December meeting will be holiday potluck - please bring a seasonal treat or snack to share with the group 
  • How many plan to attend sew-in on Dec 2nd about 8 people. 
Meeting topics:
  • Memory quilt workshop: 
    • Make sure all attendees have paid the fees 
    • Remind date, time and location 
    • Further info (cutting instructions, etc) will be sent this week
  • Charity quilts: 
    • How many plan to make a completed quilt to donate in the spring? 
    • Anyone interested in helping with charity quilt construction? We have some supplies (blocks, batting, backing, etc) to provide. 
    • Melanie will coordinate the Vegas blocks.
  • 1-hour basket swap swap
  • Show and Tell 
    • Stephanie – Halloween kitties 
    • Shannon Somers – butterflies and triangle bag 
    • Nicole – table topper – hexi shape spiral quilted and stockings 
    • Nathalie – hockey quilt 
    • Snezana – charity squares 
    • Debby – wristlet purses mahjong 
    • Patti – mini charm pack mini quilt – binding success 
    • Beth – mug rug 
    • Andreanne – EPP hexi quilt 
    • Melanie – sports quilt 
    • Jen – dipping toes back into quilting square.
  • Break
  • Talk - Quilt labels by Cinzia – the importance of labeling quilts 
    • Collection of quilts even in museums often do not have labels 
    • What should go on a label: 
    • Who made it? Who quilted it? 
    • When it was quilted? 
    • Where it was quilted? 
    • What other information can go on a label 
    • Title 
    • Reason for making the quilt 
    • Original design or whose pattern it was 
    • For exhibition name, address etc to contact maker after exhibit 
    • Quebec registry or/and the Canadian Quilt registry number. 
    • Tools to use 
    • Freehand Marker Pigma Micron ink is Cinzia’s favourite does not bleed. Other permeant marker work. Heat set with an iron or dryer. 
    • Embroidery 
    • Machine embroidery 
    • Screen prints on quilts 
    • Block print stamp with fabric ink VersaCraft print ink 
    • Printed fabric EQ Printable fabric other brands saw well 
    • Spoonflower 
    • Special symbol 
    • QR code print out on fabric and send a message or link to a website.
  • Skill builder block of the month: 
    • Izzy - Log Cabin / Courthouse Steps 

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