Wednesday, February 08, 2017

#QuiltsforQC update

I'm not usually one for quotes, but this past week I've had one going through my head repeatedly:

“Whatever you do will be insignificant,
but it is very important that you do it.” 

In the grand scheme of things, sewing a few pieces of fabric together feels very insignificant, and yet it feels very important that I do it. Based on the messages we have been getting this past week, I think a lot of others out there feel the same way.

We have begun to receive people's blocks in the mail and we are gearing up to start putting quilt tops together. For those of you still working on your blocks, don't worry you still have time... we would like all blocks to be in the mail to us by March 11th

If you're still looking for inspiration, or just want to browse, I encourage you to check out the #QuiltsforQC hashtag on Instagram or Facebook, there are some amazing blocks being posted!

For example, on Instagram Johanna made these adorable blocks: 

Photo and block by Johanna

Then she kindly posted a diagram of the block and the dimensions she used so others could make them too... if you'd like to make one, you can find her diagram here.

Fellow MMQG member Shannon of s/f Designs has created a beautiful house block that is available for free download over on Craftsy:

And if you're looking for more of a challenge, Victoria from made up this stunning mosque block:

If you have finished and mailed in/dropped off your block but still wish to do more, there is another initiative under way that is looking to make and donate quilted prayer rugs to various mosques in Canada and the States. Unfortunately, there have been a number of acts of vandalism and hatred directed at various mosques recently, and similar to us, the organizers of the prayer rug project want to reach out to those affected and offer support.

Also, the Quebec City mosque accepts donations through its website, if you would like to donate to them directly. You can find more information (in French / en francais) on their website:

We will continue to post updates and pictures as things progress... thank you to each and every one of you who have contributed!!! :) 


  1. What would the deadline be to send a whole quilt? Same time?

    1. Hmm... good question. I would say by mid-March, I guess?

    2. Thank you! I will have a whole quilt shipped to you all by then. I thought I saw it somewhere but can you remind me what the finished size should be?

    3. Anything between lap size and twin size is just fine :)

  2. Hi - I'd like to incorporate trees and a lawn into my blocks, is that ok?