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January Meeting Minutes

January 2017 Mtl MQG Meeting Minutes
Tuesday January 10, 2017 at 7pm at CRCS St-Zotique

The Business Section:

  • New members – Please see Claudia as she represents Welcome Wagon.
  • Saturday Jan 28th at 5-7pm at Benelux brasserie 4026 rue Wellington, Verdun (de l’Eglise metro)
  • Feb sew-in, Sat Feb 18th, 10-4 at Maplewood Presbyterian Church, 215 McLeod, in Chateauguay,
    • If needed we can arrange car pools
    • This will be inter-guild meet up with Chateauguay Valley Quilters Guild
    • Please bring your lunch and snacks
    • To celebrate Canada's 150th CQA is collecting Canada themed slab blocks for the Big Quilt Bee
    • We will have a demo of Cheryl Arkison's slab block technique
    • We have the required charm square started, you just need you to bring along some scraps to finish the 12 1/2" blocks.
    • The required fabric is has the following colours. So, scraps in black, cream, grey, red or turquoise will match the charm pack.  However, any fabric will work. 
    • This is 100% voluntary and you are absolutely welcome to bring along any other projects you wish to work on.

·         Remember our declutter theme this year?  February’s swap is Ugly Fat quarter swap
o    Please bring an Ugly (or just not your taste) fat quarter in a paper (opaque) bag.  We will do a blind swap next meeting.

  • Code of conduct reminder: In short, be kind to everyone.  We are a diverse group, with different skills, interests and experiences.  We don’t have to be always “hugs and butterflies” but we do require respect.  If you have any questions please consult our code of conduct found in your New Member Packet emailed when you signed up: “Members will treat each other with respect and courtesy at all times, both at guild events and within our larger community. Members who are disrespectful of another member, whose actions reflect negatively on the guild, or whose behavior is excessively disruptive may face disciplinary action, up to and including revocation of guild membership.”  See attached copy for more info.
  • Mason jar raffle – Amanda and Francine are the winners.  More raffles in June.
Show and Tell
    • Stephanie – Plaid – The Al Borland flannel plaid quilt
    • Marie – Love Notes
    • Melanie – RB challenge Diamond shaped quilt
    • Jose – RB challenge Arbre
    • Maggie – Monkey theme baby quilt
    • Fiona – Metro teaser
    • Izzy – Word wall hanging declutter
    • Jen – Sorbet Sea – wedding quilt
·         Charity quilt
o    Completed, thanks everyone for their hard work. 
o    Josée for the original design
o    Lily and Michèle for all their organization putting it together
o    Francine for Quilting the final quilt
o    Everyone who added a square and helped contribute to the project.
o    Beautiful work.
  • Twist festival – Stacy attending.  Please see her for details and possibilities of selling quilts -
  • Long-arm quilting with Francine – See notes below.

  • For next meeting remember:
    • Bring broken pins and needles we will be having a Hari-Kuyo celebration.
    • Bring your Ugly fat Quarters for the swap
    • We will have a demo of Handwork by Cinzia an email will go out with what to bring if you want to participate. 

For other updates please check
The blog

Longarm Notes :
Qu’est-ce qu’une machine à piquer Longarm?

Premièrement : longarm n’égale pas ordinateur

Grande gorge de la machine
  • Domestique 6-9        pouces
  • Midarm jusqu’à         16-18 pouces
  • Longarm 18-36         pouces

Machine à coudre industrielle; point droit seulement

Machine à coudre sur un plateau qui bouge attaché à une table ou un frame; on bouge le plateau et non la courtepointe qui elle est fixée à des rouleaux

Faufilage des trois épaisseurs (dessus, molleton, dessous) non nécessaire, car ils sont sur trois rouleaux différents et se rassemblent sur le « pick-up roller » dans la gorge de la machine

Sens de la machine; poignées; table; travailler des deux côtés de la table; pantographes (edge-to-edge, allover design) avec laser

Debout; assis

Longueur de la table 10-12-14 pieds; solidité de la table

Machine vs frame (deux compagnies différentes) – machine domestique sur frame

Hand guided – stitch regulator – computer (IntelliQuilter, Statler Stitch)

Prix (usagé vs neuf)

Pas de magie : guidé à la main – contraire à machine à coudre domestique – même apprentissage (inversé)

Longarm quilter : prix – ordinateur (savoir s’en servir) – incident – modern design
  • 0.02$ à 0.03$ le pouce carré pour pantographes … « custom quilting »      beaucoup plus dispendieux, prix pour changement de couleur, etc.
  • Se servir de   l’ordinateur pour redimensionner le dessin de piquage, mais de      façon non proportionnelle … très laid
  • Passer par un intermédiaire – manque de communication
  • Piquage moderne vs piquage traditionnel
  • Piquage seulement … n’est pas là pour corriger les erreurs de conception d’une courtepointe

Fils – coton vs polyester

Montreal Modern Quilt Guild Code of Conduct

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to foster the development of modern quilting and to contribute to the growth of
our quilting heritage. We provide opportunities for experienced and novice quilters to learn the
techniques, patterns and aesthetics which are particular to modern quilting. Education and
support will be provided through fellowship, challenges, workshops and community outreach.

The guild -
The guild’s fiscal year runs from September 1st through August 31st. Our meetings and
sew-ins occur from September through June of the fiscal year, with the months of July
and August off for the summer holidays.
Member information, agendas/minutes, and all other guild info is for the purpose of
guild business only. Members must respect the privacy of their fellow members at all
times, nor should any guild/member information be used for commercial purposes or
personal gain without prior permission from the guild executive team.
In the event the guild is dissolved, all guild assets will be given to an educational and/or
charitable organization, preferably related to modern quilting, as voted on by the guild.
Guild news and information will be communicated at regular meetings (Sept-June), as
well as on the guild blog, the MQG forum and/or a group mailing such as the monthly
email newsletter. Please make sure you have joined the Montreal group on the MQG
site and that the guild has your up to date contact information (phone number, email,

Meetings -

Our mission is to foster the discussion and development of the techniques, patterns and
aesthetics which are particular to modern quilting. As such, all of our activities,
discussions, show & tell items, etc. should reflect and explore the modern aesthetic that
we gather to promote.
Regular meetings will be held at 7pm on the second Tuesday of each month from
September through June at the CRCS St Zotique in Montreal. Sew-ins will be held from
10am to 4pm on the first Saturday of every other month from October through June at
the same location*. There may also be other events during the year, such as social
gatherings, museum field trips, workshops or inter-guild meet ups; the details of these
events, such as place and time, will always be announced in advance.
The June meeting will be the last regular meeting of the fiscal year and will be
considered the guild’s Annual Meeting at which elections for the executive team and
votes on guild matters may be held and annual reports given.
All members are asked to wear a name tag during meetings and sew-ins.
All members are asked to put their cell phone on silent or vibrate during meetings.
Photographs will often be taken at meetings and events. If you do not wish to have
photos taken of yourself or your work, simply inform our photographer in advance.
During meetings, members should refrain from carrying on personal conversations
while another member has the floor. If the conversation is relevant to the larger subject
being discussed, then please share your comments with the entire group. Otherwise, be
respectful of your fellow members and save personal conversations for the break or
after the meeting.

Membership -

As of the 2016-17 year, annual dues are $35**, payable by cash or cheque made out to
‘Montreal Modern Quilt Guild’. 
Prospective members may attend 1 regular meeting as a guest, free of charge.
To maintain good standing as a member, each person must pay their dues in full, attend
at least 1 regular meeting during the year (Sept-June) and abide by the guild’s code of
All members in good standing will be entitled to one vote in all guild matters. Members
must be present when a vote is taken in order to vote; advance notice of an upcoming
vote will be given (either at a meeting or via email) so that members may be present if
they wish to vote.
Members will treat each other with respect and use common courtesy at all times, both
at guild meetings and within our larger community. Members who show disrespect to
another member, whose actions reflects negatively on the guild, or whose behavior is
disrespectful/disruptive may be asked to leave the guild.
Any questions, suggestions, concerns or complaints should be addressed to a member
of the executive committee in person or by e-mail (

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