Monday, September 12, 2016

Member Spotlight: Stacy Pomerleau

Our 2016-2017 year is kicking off this week so we thought it would be a good time to get our Member Spotlight going again!

This month, we feature our very own Stacy.  This year, Stacy is a member of the Executive Committee and will act as our official photographer and assist Joanna with programming.

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What did you study in school and/or what do you do for a day job?

I like to learn, but the structure of school isn’t my thing. I do have a Visual Arts DEC from Dawson College, but I spent some time in the Industrial Design and Illustration and Design programs. My current job is as the manager of an electronic cigarette shop in St. Henri. A completely different field, but I do get to talk to people and help them troubleshoot their devices or help them get set up to start vaping (Remember, vaping isn’t smoking!)

Besides from my day job, I run an online craft supply shop called Craft De Ville. Craft De Ville was started to fill a bit of a void for good crafting supplies in Montreal. We launched on line shortly after Garnitures Dressmaker on Ste Catherine closed. It was a landmark shop that opened in the 1940s, that I had a chance to work at for about 3 years in the 2000s. Craft De Ville stocks a variety of supplies for beaders and sewers, with an increasing amount of quilting supplies, based on requests and feedback from fellow Guild members!  

What first got you interested in modern quilting?

I am not sure there was an exact moment that I became interested in modern quilting. I grew up in the country and had a very crafty grandmother who was part to the local Cercle des Fermières. She did loads of sewing (garment and quilting) as well as weaving and other crafts. My mother learnt to sew from her; (she was my mom’s mother in-law). As a kid, she sewed most of our clothes (I have 2 older sisters). Sewing in some form has always been a part of my life!

How did you find the MMQG and why did you decide to join?

I think I first heard about the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild though Emmaline and Annabelle’s Sew Lounge in NDG. I finally took the leap to join in January 2013. I joined with Betsy, who is my partner for Craft De Ville, which we launched in the fall of 2012. By joining we wanted, in part to be inspired, as well as be involved in the community! The guild is a great resource. There is so much happening in all the different crafting communities. Hearing about what inspirations others, discovering new fabric and pattern designers and seeing in progress and finished works by other members is insightful and delightful!

What is your favorite project that you have completed? Why is it your favorite?

I have only completed 2 projects (I don’t count a few mug rugs, name tag, and mug cozies) The first was a baby quilt for my niece Emma, who lives in Spain. It started before I knew she was on the way. A fellow member, Agnes had showed me @Bad Skirt Amy’s X and + block. I thought it was interesting block. I pulled some cotton from my stash (I had been making some zipper pouches and small purses) and just started making blocks. Practice and learning was my goal. When I found out I was going to be aunt again (3 nieces and a nephew already) I thought “Perfect I already have a head start. Counted my blocks and I was halfway there!” Oh I learned a lot! My seam allowances were not accurate enough! 2 of my rows were almost 2“ short! Another reason I love the guild. I was able to share my problems and got a bunch of solutions!

My second completed project, was the Weight of Love quilt, a workshop by Libs Elliott hosted by the guild in the spring. I finished it to be a large (smaller than twin) throw. I call it my TV quilt, but I’ve been sleeping with it since it was finished at the end August!

For my new projects, I think I am going to try to get 2 Star Wars quilts for my Mr.’s nephews done by Xmas. I have the fabrics picked, but haven’t gotten any farther than that. I have also matched some solids to Tamara Kate’s Pirouette (a print from her Helen’s Garden collection), but I’m not sure where I’m going with that either! My projects seem to be fuelled by the fabrics themselves.

What would you consider to be your quilting ‘superpower’?

I think my superpower might be choosing colours or matching colours. People seem to compliment me on my choices! Because it is my “superpower”, it is also my favorite part of the quilting process!

What project or technique is next on your “to try” list?

Working on my Molinari project is making want to explore different stitching techniques. Currently my “go to“ for quilting is straight line. I feel like I need to push myself a bit out of my comfort zone! I love the results I see on other people’s projects.

What is the best bit of quilting advice you’ve ever received?

I think some of the best advice I have seen circulating is a finished quilt is better than a perfect quilt! Encouraging people to finish a project instead of just having a bunch of WIP (works in progress).

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  1. So great to get to know you better, Stacy! I loved hearing about your grandmother :) And, yes, isn't pairing fabrics one of THE best parts about quilting!! Thanks for sharing.