Friday, May 06, 2016

Quilt blocks for Fort McMurray

The Ottawa MQG is organizing a collection of Maple Leaf quilt blocks to be put together into quilts and donated to those affected by the Fort McMurray fires.

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The blocks should be made using blue, yellow, green, and/or red (the colors of the Alberta flag) on a light neutral/low-volume background. You can use solids or patterns, whatever you prefer, but please make sure the finished block is 12.5 inches square - it is important that all blocks are a uniform size so they can be put together easily. If you'd like a tutorial, SLO Studio from the OMQG has put one together here:

I would like to call on everyone in the Montreal MQG to make one block to donate. If you wish to make more, or if you have quilt-y friends outside the guild who would like to donate, please feel free to do so! We will be collecting blocks at the May and June meetings.

Let's make this happen!!


  1. Isn't this such a great initiative! I'm totally in :)

  2. I whipped one up in no time because it's very straightforward and simple. Those forest fires are terrible!