Sunday, April 10, 2016

I love my guild

I often tell people about "my guild"... and I use that term not because I am temporarily wearing the title of president, but because my guild, the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild and all of its members, is my source of inspiration, my creative outlet... my tribe.

I love my guild because... we support one another. We are a group of people who come from vastly different walks of life, different backgrounds, different situations, we have different tastes and opinions, and yet we get together every month; rain or shine, snow or heat wave, we gather together and support one another. We offer help, we offer a sympathetic ear, we offer resources and sometimes we offer sarcasm and tough love, but all with the goal of lifting one another up and seeing each other grow and succeed.

I love my guild because... we all have something important to offer. Each and every member of our guild, from the oldest to the newest, plays an important part and during our meetings it is amazing to see the worries and problems of the day left at the door as everyone spends a little time sharing part of themselves. Speaking in front of a group isn't always easy, but sooner or later everyone in the group opens up and shares that important bit of themselves, their voice and their viewpoint, that only they can bring to the group; and as a guild we become richer and stronger because of it.

I love my guild because... we create. These days it is all too easy to end up with a list of bookmarks and 'pins' a mile long and never get anything accomplished. But our group manages to juggle jobs, businesses, families, friends, obligations, responsibilities, growing children and aging parents, problems, celebrations and tragedies... and still bring something to share. It might be an epic finished quilt, it might be a half-finished tote bag, it might be only a single block or even just a word of encouragement... but we all create.

I love my guild because... we f*cking rock. Pardon my language, but we do ;) We represent so many different points of view, so many different levels of experience and so many different styles. I can't tell you how much I enjoy spending time with this group each and every month and see the things that you bring, hear the stories behind your works, share your joys and frustrations, and occasionally learn from your mistakes ;) I count myself incredibly lucky to be a part of this group; you inspire me, you motivate me, you challenge and educate me, and I am a better quilter and a happier person because of it!

We are not perfect... we make mistakes and have regrets, but as humans it comes with the territory. That's what seam rippers and the word 'sorry' are for. I happily count each and every one of you, imperfections and all, as part of my 'tribe' and I can't wait to see what we do next. :)

- stephanie


  1. Thanks you so much Stephanie. We are indeed a great group. And you are a great leader! Thanks for all your hard work.

  2. Right back at you Stephanie!! I am beyond grateful and thankful to be a part of our "tribe" :)