Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Molinari Quilt Challenge

Hello all,

As promised, last night we presented the latest quilt challenge. The inspiration is the oeuvres of Guido Molinari, a Montreal artist of the Plasticiens movement, and will draw from his focus on the perception of colour, as well as the precision of his lines / colour division.

For the aspect of colour perception, there is no need to limit to solids, if you have an idea of how to use prints, and or stitching, to explore the topic, go right ahead.

For the aspect of precision, take it as a chance for improving your techniques. I know I will!!!

I will have my copy of an exhibition catalogue from a retrospective at the MAC, which I will bring to each meeting, in case you want to take a look. However the Fondation Guido Moinari has some excellent images on their site (, and a google image search is another good way to find inspiration.

The dimensions will be limited to 30" x 40", 40" x 30", or if you're desperate, or your design requires it, there is also the option of a square 40" x 40".

The quilt top will be expected for the June meeting, and the completed quilt for the September meeting, giving us all the summer to get things done. ;-)

So be creative, let your fear of colour go, and dive right in!
Happy stitching!
- Jo


  1. As an aside, can someone tell me why none of my paragraph formatting ever comes out?

    1. When you post, take a look in the upper left corner... make sure you're on "Compose" and not "HTML". The Compose interface lets you use formatting just like in a word processor, whereas the HTML interface leaves out all formatting, including line breaks, unless you include the HTML commands for them :)

    2. THANK YOU! Oh, that's soooo much better!

  2. Thank you, ladies! I am excited about this challenge! Joanna, your presentation was fantastic!!